There is something special about getting people who share similar interests together in the same room. There is a natural buzz when musicians and music industry professionals get to talk about what matters second to them: making money from music.

Of course, what really matters is having the best song, or an amazing performance, or an epic recording, but that all melts away when someone makes the call to talk about the music business. There is an air of ambition that flows through everyone, especially when the questions get heated, and the penny drops when some critical legal issue has a pertinent example.

A workshop should be more than just a talk-shop, and it’s always good to have hands-on activities to help attendees grapple with some of the concepts discussed. However, there is a time and place to have detailed discussions, such as business conferences, forums or round-tables.

Many of the workshops facilitated by Jonathan G. Shaw, our founding owner and music business expert, run over several days. Starting at 10:00, with a lunch at 13:00 and finishing at 16:00, if the overeager participants allow. Sometimes a simple PowerPoint presentation can suffice, but more usually it’s about getting those in the audience to deal with the subject matter themselves.

To find out more about the workshops we have been involved in, check out our page on Public Speaking. If you’d like to organise your corporate workshop or social responsibility presentation feel free to contact us.

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