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Welcome to the “music business self-directed learning certification” course.

There is a great need for everyone to have a common groundwork of knowledge about the business of music, as well as the copyright and creative industries, in general. On this page you can learn the basics and take an exam to test your knowledge and, if you wish, get the Ibilion Music Business Self-Directed Learning Certification.

Course length: 3 hours / half-a-day, self-study.
Cost: it’s FREE when you self-study.
What will I learn: introductory concepts for the structure of the sectors, copyright, contracts, collective management of royalties, artist management and marketing for the music industries.
Key features: foundation of key academic and established research, designed by a leading expert, based on a current SAQA NQF unit standard.
Do I have to watch all the videos and listen to the podcasts? Nope, but they add a lot of detail and explain a lot if you’d like to be serious about this. They are otherwise there for your interest only. I’d make you watch them. Just saying.

Designed and written by Jonathan G. Shaw

Last updated: 5 November 2020