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Pic credit: Carmen Gerber (writer and graphic artist)

Case Study: Typhus – “Song4Mom”

In May 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 lockdown in South Africa, rapper Typhus approached Ibilion to create an advertising campaign for his latest track entitled “Song4Mom”. Strategy and Assets Firstly, a detailed smart link was created including major retail stores and Typhus’ social media links: We also produced a basic social media video … Continue reading Case Study: Typhus – “Song4Mom”

Let’s Have That Conversation

Hans Zimmer, the great film composer, mentions a few times in his masterclass that he engages in a ‘conversation’ with whomever he works with. In corporate language we’d call this the ‘brief’ or ‘terms of reference’; the understanding of expectations between client and supplier. For art, this is a complex process actually: as the old … Continue reading Let’s Have That Conversation

Digital Marketing Specialists

Ibilion offers a range of tangible platforms, with key defined value, for creative businesses in any stage of the marketing plan. ¬†Ibilion provides marketing for creative goods, services and intellectual property by bringing specialist knowledge to public relations, promotions, advertising, non-profit work, art monetisation, rights management, digital sales, social media, and distribution solutions. Let us … Continue reading Digital Marketing Specialists

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