EGOLI Magazine Interviews Jonathan G. Shaw

EGOLI digital magazine is a upstart digital magazine focused on promoting African talent and entrepreneurs. They interview personalities such as artists, photographers, models, designers, influencers and stylists. Their target market is predominantly 16-35 year olds residing in the townships and inner-cities of the South African province of Gauteng. They currently have approximately 1000 readers on … Continue reading EGOLI Magazine Interviews Jonathan G. Shaw

Case Study: Typhus – “Song4Mom”

In May 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 lockdown in South Africa, rapper Typhus approached Ibilion to create an advertising campaign for his latest track entitled "Song4Mom". Strategy and Assets Firstly, a detailed smart link was created including major retail stores and Typhus' social media links: We also produced a basic social media … Continue reading Case Study: Typhus – “Song4Mom”

Digital Marketing Specialists

Ibilion offers a range of tangible platforms, with key defined value, for creative businesses in any stage of the marketing plan.  Ibilion provides marketing for creative goods, services and intellectual property by bringing specialist knowledge to public relations, promotions, advertising, non-profit work, art monetisation, rights management, digital sales, social media, and distribution solutions. Let us … Continue reading Digital Marketing Specialists