Jonathan G. Shaw, running Shaw Music Studios, is a record producer and recording studio offering songwriting, music production, recording, post-production (mixing & mastering), and music marketing. Record your music professionally and easily. A division of Ibilion.

Music Production Rates

CRITICAL NOTE: A 50% deposit is needed to schedule your production time and the balance to deliver the final work. Express rates offer high value and fast lead times without any discounts. When booking at normal rates a 10% discount is offered on all productions fully paid in advance.

Recording Rates

STUDIO RATES (includes engineer):
ONE HOUR: Express: R670 | £46 | US$67 for tomorrow, no discounts (Normal: from 2 working days is R520 | £36 | US$52 per hour)
HALF-HOUR: Express: R480 | £33 | US$47 for tomorrow, no discounts (Normal: from 2 working days is R370 | £26 | US$36 per half hour)
NOTATION of lead sheets and instruments at hourly rates, please supply individual audio or MIDI tracks

IN-HOUSE MUSIC INSTRUMENT / VOICE OVER SESSION / RATE: Express: R670 | £46 | US$67 per hour for tomorrow (Normal: R520 | £36 | US$52 per hour), excluding studio time in addition to this rate.

FREEBIES: coffee, tea, bottled water, wi-fi

Music Production Packages


SINGLE SONG MUSIC PRODUCTION: Express rate for 1 song in 2 weeks production time is R6500 | £420 | US$630 (Normal rate for 1 song is R4550 | £316 | US$455 per song for 4 weeks production time)

  • Package includes:
    • Arrangement, engineering, in-house session work, production, mixing, mastering, backtrack, instrumental and radio edit PLUS basic artwork (supply picture), digital aggregation, smart link and bulk radio emailer
    • Get two (2) hours studio time with us OR record vocals yourself: Send three takes of your lead vocal and I will comp, pitch correct and add harmonizer (if applicable)
    • Completion time: two weeks, depending on your availability (normal: four weeks)
    • In session or video call/conference pre-production
  • Producer performer royalties only, roughly 15% for performer neighbouring rights of the recording in broadcast and public performance, as a non-featured performer (so this excludes your sales royalties or other sync revenue)
  • This excludes the cost of additional session musicians as well as outside facilities.
  • Add R510 | £36 | US$52 for the separate mix channels backup once completed.
  • Score notation: ADD R2500 | £151 | US$230 for the full music score (notated sheet music) for the song

SINGLE SONG MUSIC PRODUCTION AND PROMOTION: Express: R22000 | £1060 | US$1350 (Normal: R17500 | £860 | US$1050)

  • Completion time: express: one month (normal: two months) depending on your availability
    • Single song production package
    • Artist 30 second promo trailers and profile video for social media
    • Collective management organisation (CMO) application assistance (royalties)
    • 4 x Social media setup and social media blast
    • Submission to social media influencer, bloggers and playlisters
    • Blanket and targeted radio submissions by genre utilising online radio pluggers
    • Two weeks advertising on Facebook, Google and Twitter
    • Press release sent to major news outlets and entertainment blogs
    • Artist profile revamp on Spotify and Apple Music
    • High-resolution artist profile studio photographs
    • Artist-featured music video (without extras or set designs)

FILM SCORE, MUSIC BACKTRACKS, CUSTOM BEATS: Express: R3800 | £200 | US$270 (Normal: R2600 | £153 | US$233 ) per piece

  • Completion time: one week (Normal: two weeks)
  • Film score and music to picture (4 minutes in length, excludes session musicians/facilities)
  • Hip hop? Trap? Afrobeat? Amapiano? Electronica? Get your beats made to your spec.
  • Get your instrumental perfect, the way you want it.
  • Or commission a professional recreation of an existing music recording and earn when we resell it.
  • Unattended to reduce your cost, otherwise book seven (7) hours at hourly rates.

MUSIC STUDIO RATE 7 HOURS: Express: R3400 | £167 | US$225 for the next available full work day (Normal: from one work week is R2600 | £155 | US$235) per 7 hours, 1-hour break. You are welcome to use this rate and split up the hours if booked in advance.

LARGE BAND/GROUP RECORDINGS: R3400 | £205 | US$315 per 7 hours, 1-hour break, including hospitality for between 5 to max. 10 people (lunch & drinks) (Requires advance booking)


  • Take your production to a professional level with pro mixing
  • Unlimited corrections “to your reasonable satisfaction”
  • Unattended to reduce your cost, otherwise book three (3) hours at hourly rates per song.
  • 20 STEMS: Express: R1600 | £97 | US$145 (Normal: R1200 | £76 | US$100) per song up to 20 stems
    • Completion time: Express: 5 working days (Normal: 14 working days)
  • PRODUCTION UPGRADE: Express: R3900 | £240 | US$3000 (Normal: R2600 | £155 | US$245) unlimited stems per song plus pitch correction, sound replacement and production enhancement, includes mixing and mastering
    • Completion time: Express: one-and-a-half weeks (Normal: three weeks)

MUSIC / AUDIO MASTERING: Express: R670 | £46 | US$62 (Normal: R510 | £40 | US$45 per track)

  • Completion time: Express: 2 working days (Normal: 7 working days)
  • Mastering is optimised for music streaming services.
  • Unattended to reduce your cost, otherwise book one (1) hour at hourly rates per song.
  • LIVE CONCERT MASTERING: Express: R560 | £31 | US$47, 2 working days (Normal: R430 | £23 | US$37 per half-hour length, 7 working days)

STUDIO ENGINEER TRAINING: R850 | £55 | US$75 per hour (Requires advance booking)

  • Let us train you in the art of audio engineering and music production.
  • Music and sound engineering students can apply for an internship.

We offer services to the cultural and creative industries (CCIs) and encompass the cultural, creative and copyright sectors, such as music, film, literature, dance, theatre, design, architecture, and other creative pursuits.

Consultation and Marketing Rates

NOTE: 50% deposit required to schedule your production and balance to receive files. 10% discount if paid in advance, excluding express (rush) rates.

Information Sessions

CONSULTING FEE: Express: R670 | £46 | US$67 per hour for tomorrow (Normal: from two working days is R520 | £36 | US$52)

  • General information and feedback
  • One-on-one session either face-to-face, audio / video conferencing, or messaging apps. Fee excludes overhead costs.

Analysis Sessions

CONSULTING FEE: Express: R2300 | £150 | US$200 for tomorrow (Normal: from two working days is R1600 | £101 | US$152) per hour per document OR retainer available

  • One-on-one sessions. Case examination, contract advice & drafting, marketing strategy, business planning, expert witness, etc. Fee excludes overhead costs.

Market Research, Policy and Strategy Development

CONSULTING FEE: quoted per project

  • Strategy and policy development, market research, etc.

Corporate Workshops

PRESENTATION FEE: R4500 | £270 | US$260 per day OR R2900 | £176 | US$262 per half-day (three hours) (Requires advance booking)

  • Facilitation and presentation of an educational workshop for public attendance or corporate skills building, including virtual notes and examination. Excludes overhead / travel costs.

Digital Music Marketing

CMO ASSISTANCE: R850 | £46 | US$60 per person for 4x royalty collection society online registrations, in person or on video call (Requires advance booking)

  • Applying direct has a minimal fee, but if you need help with any registration, I’d be happy to assist in session together with you for R750 per person for online registrations for all four organisations to cover the time.
  • You need to have rights in both music and recordings as well as your ID and banking letter.

GRAPHIC AND VIDEO DESIGN: Express: R670 | £46 | US$67 for tomorrow (Normal: from two working days is R520 | £36 | US$52) per hour

  • Album and single music covers
  • Social media banners and video samplers
  • Lyric and photo videos

DIGITAL MUSIC AGGREGATION: Express: per single R1000 | £60 | US$85 (Normal: from 2 working days is R800 | £46 | US$60 per single, R1850 | £91 | US$112 per album ) but aggregation services may have waiting periods out of our control

  • We normally use CD Baby to deliver your song to all the major music retailers
  • Includes a smart link to the single / album with stores and social media connections
  • ADD R300 | US$30 Update your Spotify for Artists and Apple Music for Artists profiles

SOCIAL MEDIA BLASTS: Express: R1200 | £56 | US$77 (Normal: R850 | £46 | US$60) per blast

  • Running five (5) strategic social media posts over a week, that includes one graphic and one video design for two posts and key links in other posts, along with key hashtags
  • Completion time: Express: one week (Normal: two weeks)

ONLINE ADVERTISING: R500 | £30 | US$35 admin fee, with minimum R50 | £3 | US$7 per day / credit per campaign (Requires advance booking)

  • Advertise through the major social media and online search platforms within your campaign budget, AND / OR
  • Utilising social media influencer and radio plugging online services (here a fair budget may be around R1150 to be effective).

BULK MEDIA ANNOUNCEMENTS: R700 | £37 | US$57 per submission OR the current media list (Requires advance booking)

  • Sending out your track to +- 130 radio stations, OR
  • Sending your music announcement +- 20 entertainment news and blog sites.
  • Personalised emails, tracking mail opens and downloads

Need content development, detailed / targeted marketing strategies or creative industry consultation? Ask us about our B2B services within Ibilion.

Updated: 23 June 2022

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