Create control.

Ibilion® is a creative-centred business.

We are an intellectual property creation, administration, publication and information firm.

Pic credit: Sigrid Shaw (digital and makeup artist)

About Us

Working primarily in the music industries as a business consultancy, marketing strategist and public policy research firm, Ibilion came into operation on the 26th of July 2006 and is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. While still focussing on music, our services have been sought out for other sectors of the creative industries around the world.

Ibilion® consists of 6 divisions, namely Ibilion: Consulting, Ibilion: Marketing, Ibilion: Education, Ibilion: Books, Jonathan G. Shaw: Music Producer & Recording Studio and Sigi Makeup.

Ibilion® strives to be the premier creative industries services company in Africa.

Ibilion® provides creation, consultation, education, rights management, marketing and creative services for a wide variety of creatives and their representation.

MEA Markets African Excellence Awards: “Best Music Consultancy 2022”

South Africa Prestige Awards: “Audio Engineer of the Year 2022”

Consistency – services provided must have a uniform quality that is dependable.

Professionalism – at all times the client must be set at ease.

Quality – services are of a standard that satisfies the client and matches their expectations.

Value – the amount paid by a client is directly related to the quality of the service or product.

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