Artist management in the music business

LESSON 6. Artist Management

Artists need to know how to run their business, and when to take on a manager. Don’t think you need a manager to start. Learn like you are now and then build your business until you need staff. A manager can be a great ally but you still need to understand your business.

Who is helping you achieve your goals in the music business? A personal manager is meant to help artists in managing their day-to-day affairs like bookings, studio time, interviews and everything else.

An accountant is there to check your income and expenses. A publicist tries to get your brand out into media. A road manager travels with you on the road. Your attorney helps you make legal decisions.

SmartistU chats about “What does and artist manager do?” (2018)

AMPD Music Management Masterclass with Wibu Mabena, Thuli Keupilwe and Martin Myers (2020)

Marshall Music SA interviews Garth Potterton (2021)

Lesson 6. Questions

6.1 Which managers should a new artist start out with?
6.2 How would you plan your career development as a musician?
6.3 Which tasks are an artist’s personal manager responsible for?

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One thought on “Certification: Lesson 6

  1. 6.1. Some one with Agility, that’s future thinking, analytical, time driven, assume nothing, be risk perverse.
    6.2. Get a Contract agreement, work with the right person, get a manager who can be diplomatic, take risks and get exposure
    6.3. Booking events, getting publishing for the artist, works with labels, the manager is the mediator for the artist and the world.


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