Ibilion offers internships to Music Technology and Music Management students. Download this brochure and study its contents carefully.

Current availability: NO POSITIONS AVAILABLE as at 6 February 2023. Check back in a month or two, and this page will be updated should there be an opening. Feel free to complete the required certification in anticipation of the next intake.

5 thoughts on “Internships at Ibilion

    1. Hi Anthony, the length of an internship depends on if you need it to obtain a qualification (sometimes as long as 18 months, depending of the institution), looking for experience while completing a qualification (6 months to 1 year), or seeking first-time work experience after a qualification (6 months). Your time with us also depends on your skill level and compatibility, and there is a 2-week, unpaid probation period.


      1. Ok thank you, well let me ask this question then.
        I have obtained a diploma in music production, I have worked in a corporate space as an accountant for a few years and have a degree in accounting and would like to transition into a music orientated environment, would I qualify for the internship?


      2. Yes, given the qualification and existing work experience there should be no reason you cannot apply. Just going through the process will give you an insight, as the work is entrepreneurial and freelance in nature, which is very much a contrast to corporate employment.


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