In May 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 lockdown in South Africa, rapper Typhus approached Ibilion to create an advertising campaign for his latest track entitled “Song4Mom”.

Strategy and Assets

Firstly, a detailed smart link was created including major retail stores and Typhus’ social media links:

We also produced a basic social media video to promote the track organically:

The track was sent to over 130 radio stations, mostly South African but several internationally. Here is the emailer that was used:

A press release was also drafted and delivered to over 20 entertainment and media publications:

A social media advert campaign was developed for Google, Facebook and Twitter:

Campaign Results

The results of the online advertising campaign were immense. Google was insane with 15000 clicks, Twitter had 800 clicks and Facebook 1900 clicks:

Demographics reached, easily found in Facebook, revealed the biggest audience were women between ages 13-17 and 35-44, probably because of the subject matter of the song:

The smart link also revealed some interesting results, receiving over 3200 clicks during the campaign period (an 18% conversion rate from advertising) with 70% South African and 7% USA referring primarily from Facebook and Android users:

Typhus was thrilled with the results, which fuelled further social media followers in general as well as driving Spotify and Apple Music song plays.

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